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Carolinas' BFAM
From The Cradle 2 The Stage

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As the music scene in Charlotte, NC continues to grow, emerging groups like Carolinas' BFAM are continuously contributing to the local music. Their sophomore album (From The Cradle 2 The Stage) is definitely a reason to support independent artists. Read More.
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Thanks to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for making this project possible. Very special thank you to grandma Sadie and grandma Nyna.  And in loving memory of Ed Mosley (Mr. Ed).  Thanks to all the artists, the producer, the manager (our dad), the graphics artist, and engineer that contributed to this work. Thanks to all our current and future fans. Thanks to Benton Heights Presbyterian Church, Beyond The Walls Ministry, Windsor Park Elementary, Collinswood Elementary, Smith Language Academy, Randolph Middle, South Mecklenburg High, East Mecklenburg High, Independence high and West Mecklenburg. The Force and other AAU Sports teams. A very special recognition for the Families and Members of the Armed Forces. HOOAH!!

Carolina’s BFAM BIO

Ronnell Bryant Jr and Xavier Bryant are the founding members of the group. This dynamic duo is known as RJ and Ziggy to all of their friends and family. The group will continue to support other up and coming artists such as the featured artists heard on the group’s first album “A Family Reunion”.

RJ was born on May 1st 1995 in Charlotte North Carolina. He enjoys music of all types and athletic activities. He enjoys running and workouts, as his six pack will attest to. RJ has played organized basketball for teams and won the city championship with a steal and assist to his younger brother for a buzzer beater. RJ is the primary songwriter for the group and is a major contributor to the group’s success. He has his driver’s permit and cannot wait until his 16th birthday to drive solo…..

Ziggy was born on May 13th of 1997 in Charlotte North Carolina. He enjoys music, basketball, video games and watching good movies. He has played on multiple AAU teams as the shooting guard because of his deadliness from 3 point range. Ziggy is always the life of the party and brings his best when on stage. Ziggy is never camera shy “if you click it, he’s wit it”. His friends range from every demographic and every walk of life. According to Zig, “If he’s not the best then at least he’s the one you’ll like”.

Tiimyr Roberts was born September 13, 1997 in Charlotte,NC. He has been a brother from another mother for 5 years now and was welcomed as the group’s first featured artist in August of 2010. Aside from rapping, Tiimyr spends his time playing video games, dancing and listening to music.

NiccaTeen is the second featured artist signed to the group. Birth place and birth date unknown. Although very little is known about this character, it is felt that he brings the edge and mayhem that fans will enjoy.

Killa-Kam is a featured artist on Carolinas' Bfam's debut album " A Family Reunion". He performs on both "Small Shine" and "What Can I do". He was born Cameron Greene in Lake Wylie, North Carolina in 1991. Here is a message from
him to his current and future fans: "This ya Killa-Kam an rappin is what I do. I take what I do seriously. I
wanna be a producer/rapper. I believe I have what it takes to make it big but I need what every major label has; a squad that is focused and shares tha same dreams, cuz I can't be a one man show. I'm mostly a true life
rapper an I think I have what it takes to reach all sorts of people. I'm not a Wayne, a TI, a Gucci or none of them. I'm me. Always have been an always will be so look for me an my group to drop real soon............ ya boy Killa-Kam!!"

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